You know that saying that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree? Well, it’s kind of like that with our Rotten Apples Junior Derby Team! The Apples are junior Eves in training. In it for the fun, not the money (they’re non-profit like the rest of us), the Apples are a group of gender-inclusive skaters aged 10 to 18 from Greater Victoria. The Apples promote self-confidence and individuality by providing an supportive and empowering environment where players are encouraged to be themselves and to help others.



#121 Low Expectations
#17 Repella
#19 Kid Vicious
#235 Black Eyed Suze
#27 Slam Duncan
#327 Slaya Faye

#4 Terminate-her (C)
#611 Axel Crow (C)
#7 Kamakazi K